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​Higher Intentions Clothing is an urban retail company that caters to the style and beauty for the hard workers and go-getters of the world! Comfortable fashion that makes a statement!


Higher Intentions Clothing is a brand that gives you daily motivation through fashion and conversation. The company was created with the desire to want more out of life; starting HIC became more important to achieve than breathing air. Higher Intentions Clothing plans on being on the backs of everyone that wants to get to the next level and continue climbing to the top.

Dex, Founder of Higher Intentions, knew that  at an early age, fashion and style was his calling. He had a vision to motivate his peers and others from the streets he grew up on in Gary Indiana. Raised by a combination of influential women is what gave him the motivation to always have high expectations and good intentions.


As a young man with such a difficult hand dealt to him, Kyle aka Dex chose to overcome the lifestyle that held him in captivity. 

Ciearra is the other half of this operation and also Co-Founder of Higher Intentions. With more than 10years experience in the health and beauty industry, this dynamic duo is well rounded and constantly up to date on the hottest new trends.

Now the chance to share some inspiration through the Founder’s love of fashion and style is available for everyone’s enjoyment. His work is not done yet!  With every level of success there is another level to achieve. Let your clothes give you inspiration



They believe that with every level of success, there's always another level to achieve. 



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